testreporter.py is a script in CIMEROOT/CIME/Tools.

$ ./testreporter.py --help
usage: testreporter.py [-h] [-d] [-v] [-s] [--tagname TAGNAME]
                       [--testid TESTID] [--testroot TESTROOT]
                       [--testtype TESTTYPE] [--dryrun] [--dumpxml]

  -h, --help           show this help message and exit
  --tagname TAGNAME    Name of the tag being tested.
  --testid TESTID      Test id, ie c2_0_a6g_ing,c2_0_b6g_gnu.
  --testroot TESTROOT  Root directory for tests to populate the database.
  --testtype TESTTYPE  Type of test, prealpha or prebeta.
  --dryrun             Do a dry run, database will not be populated.
  --dumpxml            Dump XML test results to sceen.

Logging options:
  -d, --debug          Print debug information (very verbose) to file /home/ru
  -v, --verbose        Add additional context (time and file) to log messages
  -s, --silent         Print only warnings and error messages