query_testlists is a script in CIMEROOT/scripts.

$ ./query_testlists --help
usage: query_testlists [-h] [-d] [-v] [-s] [--count]
                       [--list {category,categories,machine,machines,compiler,compilers}]
                       [--show-options] [--define-testtypes]
                       [--xml-category XML_CATEGORY]
                       [--xml-machine XML_MACHINE]
                       [--xml-compiler XML_COMPILER]
                       [--xml-testlist XML_TESTLIST]

  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
  --count               Rather than listing tests, just give counts by category/machine/compiler.
  --list {category,categories,machine,machines,compiler,compilers}
                        Rather than listing tests, list the available options for
                        --xml-category, --xml-machine, or --xml-compiler.
                        (The singular and plural forms are equivalent - so '--list category'
                        is equivalent to '--list categories', etc.)
  --show-options        For each test, also show options for that test
                        (wallclock time, memory leak tolerance, etc.).
                        (Has no effect with --list or --count options.)
  --define-testtypes    At the top of the list of tests, define all of the possible test types.
                        (Has no effect with --list or --count options.)
  --xml-category XML_CATEGORY
                        Only include tests in this category; default is all categories.
  --xml-machine XML_MACHINE
                        Only include tests for this machine; default is all machines.
  --xml-compiler XML_COMPILER
                        Only include tests for this compiler; default is all compilers.
  --xml-testlist XML_TESTLIST
                        Path to testlist file from which tests are gathered;
                        default is all files specified in config_files.xml.

Logging options:
  -d, --debug           Print debug information (very verbose) to file /home/runner/work/cime/cime/scripts/query_testlists.log
  -v, --verbose         Add additional context (time and file) to log messages
  -s, --silent          Print only warnings and error messages