case.submit is a script in CIMEROOT/CIME/Tools.

$ ./case.submit --help
usage: case.submit [-h] [-d] [-v] [-s] [--job JOB] [--only-job ONLY_JOB]
                   [--no-batch] [--prereq PREREQ] [--prereq-allow-failure]
                   [--resubmit] [--resubmit-immediate]
                   [--skip-preview-namelist] [--mail-user MAIL_USER]
                   [-M MAIL_TYPE] [-a BATCH_ARGS] [--chksum]

Submits the case to the queuing system, or runs it if there is no queueing system.

Also submits any other jobs (such as the short-term archiver) associated with this case.

Running case.submit is the only way you should start a job.

Typical usage is simply:

Other examples:
   ./case.submit -m begin,end
      Submits the case, requesting mail at job beginning and end

positional arguments:
  caseroot              Case directory to submit.
                        Default is current directory.

  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
  -d, --debug           Print debug information (very verbose) to file /home/runner/work/cime/cime/CIME/Tools/case.submit.log
  -v, --verbose         Add additional context (time and file) to log messages
  -s, --silent          Print only warnings and error messages
  --job JOB, -j JOB     Name of the job to be submitted;
                        can be any of the jobs listed in env_batch.xml.
                        This will be the first job of any defined workflow.  Default is
  --only-job ONLY_JOB   Name of the job to be submitted;
                        can be any of the jobs listed in env_batch.xml.
                        Only this job will be run, workflow and RESUBMIT are ignored.  Default is
  --no-batch            Do not submit jobs to batch system, run locally.
  --prereq PREREQ       Specify a prerequisite job id, this job will not start until the
                        job with this id is completed (batch mode only).
                        Allows starting the run even if the prerequisite fails.
                        This also allows resubmits to run if the original failed and the
                        resubmit was submitted to the queue with the orginal as a dependency,
                        as in the case of --resubmit-immediate.
  --resubmit            Used with tests only, to continue rather than restart a test.
  --resubmit-immediate  This queues all of the resubmissions immediately after
                        the first job is queued. These rely on the queue system to
                        handle dependencies.
                        Skip calling preview-namelist during
  --mail-user MAIL_USER
                        Email to be used for batch notification.
  -M MAIL_TYPE, --mail-type MAIL_TYPE
                        When to send user email. Options are: never, all, begin, end, fail.
                        You can specify multiple types with either comma-separated args or multiple -M flags.
  -a BATCH_ARGS, --batch-args BATCH_ARGS
                        Used to pass additional arguments to batch system.
  --chksum              Verifies input data checksums.