is a script in CIMEROOT/CIME/Tools.

$ ./ --help
usage: [-h] [-d] [-v] [-s] [--cycles CYCLES]
                                 [--ensemble ENSEMBLE]

Generates a cylc workflow file for the case.  See for details about cylc

positional arguments:
  caseroot             Case directory for which namelists are generated.
                       Default is current directory.

  -h, --help           show this help message and exit
  --cycles CYCLES      The number of cycles to run, default is RESUBMIT
  --ensemble ENSEMBLE  generate suite.rc for an ensemble of cases, the case name argument must end in an integer.
                       for example: ./ --ensemble 4 
                       will generate a workflow file in the current case, if that case is named case.01,the workflow will include case.01, case.02, case.03 and case.04

Logging options:
  -d, --debug          Print debug information (very verbose) to file /home/runner/work/cime/cime/CIME/Tools/
  -v, --verbose        Add additional context (time and file) to log messages
  -s, --silent         Print only warnings and error messages