Source code for CIME.test_utils

Utility functions used in, and by other utilities that need to
get test lists.
import glob
from CIME.XML.standard_module_setup import *
from CIME.XML.testlist import Testlist
from CIME.XML.files import Files
from CIME.test_status import TEST_STATUS_FILENAME
import CIME.utils

logger = logging.getLogger(__name__)

[docs]def get_tests_from_xml( xml_machine=None, xml_category=None, xml_compiler=None, xml_testlist=None, machine=None, compiler=None, driver=None, ): """ Parse testlists for a list of tests """ listoftests = [] testlistfiles = [] if machine is not None: thismach = machine if compiler is not None: thiscompiler = compiler if xml_testlist is not None: expect( os.path.isfile(xml_testlist), "Testlist not found or not readable " + xml_testlist, ) testlistfiles.append(xml_testlist) else: files = Files() comps = files.get_components("TESTS_SPEC_FILE") for comp in comps: test_spec_file = files.get_value("TESTS_SPEC_FILE", {"component": comp}) if os.path.isfile(test_spec_file): testlistfiles.append(test_spec_file) # We need to make nuopc the default for cesm testing, then we can remove this block files = Files(comp_interface="nuopc") test_spec_file = files.get_value("TESTS_SPEC_FILE", {"component": "drv"}) if os.path.isfile(test_spec_file): testlistfiles.append(test_spec_file) for testlistfile in testlistfiles: thistestlistfile = Testlist(testlistfile) logger.debug("Testlist file is " + testlistfile) logger.debug( "xml_machine {} xml_category {} xml_compiler {}".format( xml_machine, xml_category, xml_compiler ) ) newtests = thistestlistfile.get_tests(xml_machine, xml_category, xml_compiler) for test in newtests: if machine is None: thismach = test["machine"] if compiler is None: thiscompiler = test["compiler"] test["name"] = CIME.utils.get_full_test_name( test["testname"], grid=test["grid"], compset=test["compset"], machine=thismach, compiler=thiscompiler, testmods_string=None if "testmods" not in test else test["testmods"], ) if driver: # override default or specified driver founddriver = False for specdriver in ("Vnuopc", "Vmct", "Vmoab"): if specdriver in test["name"]: test["name"] = test["name"].replace( specdriver, "V{}".format(driver) ) founddriver = True if not founddriver: name = test["name"] index = name.find(".") test["name"] = name[:index] + "_V{}".format(driver) + name[index:] logger.debug( "Adding test {} with compiler {}".format(test["name"], test["compiler"]) ) listoftests += newtests logger.debug("Found {:d} tests".format(len(listoftests))) return listoftests
[docs]def test_to_string( test, category_field_width=0, test_field_width=0, show_options=False ): """Given a test dictionary, return a string representation suitable for printing Args: test (dict): dictionary for a single test - e.g., one element from the list returned by get_tests_from_xml category_field_width (int): minimum amount of space to use for printing the test category test_field_width (int): minimum amount of space to use for printing the test category show_options (bool): if True, print test options, too (note that the 'comment' option is always printed, if present) Basic functionality: >>> mytest = {'name': 'SMS.f19_g16.A.cheyenne_intel', 'category': 'prealpha', 'options': {}} >>> test_to_string(mytest, 10) 'prealpha : SMS.f19_g16.A.cheyenne_intel' Printing comments: >>> mytest = {'name': 'SMS.f19_g16.A.cheyenne_intel', 'category': 'prealpha', 'options': {'comment': 'my remarks'}} >>> test_to_string(mytest, 10) 'prealpha : SMS.f19_g16.A.cheyenne_intel # my remarks' Newlines in comments are converted to spaces >>> mytest = {'name': 'SMS.f19_g16.A.cheyenne_intel', 'category': 'prealpha', 'options': {'comment': 'my\\nremarks'}} >>> test_to_string(mytest, 10) 'prealpha : SMS.f19_g16.A.cheyenne_intel # my remarks' Printing other options, too: >>> mytest = {'name': 'SMS.f19_g16.A.cheyenne_intel', 'category': 'prealpha', 'options': {'comment': 'my remarks', 'wallclock': '0:20', 'memleak_tolerance': 0.2}} >>> test_to_string(mytest, 10, show_options=True) 'prealpha : SMS.f19_g16.A.cheyenne_intel # my remarks # memleak_tolerance: 0.2 # wallclock: 0:20' """ mystr = "%-*s: %-*s" % ( category_field_width, test["category"], test_field_width, test["name"], ) if "options" in test: myopts = test["options"].copy() comment = myopts.pop("comment", None) if comment: comment = comment.replace("\n", " ") mystr += " # {}".format(comment) if show_options: for one_opt in sorted(myopts): mystr += " # {}: {}".format(one_opt, myopts[one_opt]) return mystr
[docs]def get_test_status_files(test_root, compiler, test_id=None): test_id_glob = ( "*{}*".format(compiler) if test_id is None else "*{}*{}*".format(compiler, test_id) ) test_status_files = glob.glob( "{}/{}/{}".format(test_root, test_id_glob, TEST_STATUS_FILENAME) ) test_status_files = [ item for item in test_status_files if not os.path.dirname(item).endswith("ref1") and not os.path.dirname(item).endswith("ref2") ] expect( test_status_files, "No matching test cases found in for {}/{}/{}".format( test_root, test_id_glob, TEST_STATUS_FILENAME ), ) return test_status_files