Tools package


Tools.e3sm_compile_wrap module

A script to wrap all e3sm compilations. This script should be enabled by prefixing it to all compiler and link calls. This can be done easily in CMake by using the RULE_LAUNCH_COMPILE and RULE_LAUNCH_LINK global properties.

This script will allow us to do whatever bookeeping, timing, logging, etc that we want in our build system.

We want this script to be super-lean, so we do not load any of the standard CIME stuff.

Tools.e3sm_compile_wrap.parse_command_line(args, _)[source]

Tools.generate_cylc_workflow module

Generates a cylc workflow file for the case. See for details about cylc

Tools.generate_cylc_workflow.cylc_batch_job_template(job, jobname, case, ensemble)[source]
Tools.generate_cylc_workflow.cylc_get_case_path_string(case, ensemble)[source]
Tools.generate_cylc_workflow.cylc_get_ensemble_first_and_last(case, ensemble)[source]
Tools.generate_cylc_workflow.cylc_script_job_template(job, case, ensemble)[source]
Tools.generate_cylc_workflow.parse_command_line(args, description)[source]

Tools.standard_script_setup module

Encapsulate the importing of python utils and logging setup, things that every script should do.

Tools.standard_script_setup.check_minimum_python_version(major, minor)[source]

Check your python version.

>>> check_minimum_python_version(sys.version_info[0], sys.version_info[1])

Tools.testreporter module

Simple script to populate CESM test database with test results.

Tools.testreporter.get_testreporter_xml(testroot, testid, tagname, testtype)[source]

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