CIME.scripts package


CIME.scripts.create_clone module


CIME.scripts.create_newcase module

Script to create a new CIME Case Control System (CSS) experimental case.

CIME.scripts.create_newcase.parse_command_line(args, cimeroot, description)[source]

CIME.scripts.create_test module

Script to create, build and run CIME tests. This script can:

  1. Run a single test, or more than one test ./create_test TESTNAME ./create_test TESTNAME1 TESTNAME2 …

  2. Run a test suite from a text file with one test per line ./create_test -f TESTFILE

  3. Run an E3SM test suite:

Below, a suite name, SUITE, is defined in $CIMEROOT/scripts/lib/ - Run a single suite

./create_test SUITE

  • Run two suites

./create_test SUITE1 SUITE2

  • Run all tests in a suite except for one

./create_test SUITE ^TESTNAME

  • Run all tests in a suite except for tests that are in another suite

./create_test SUITE1 ^SUITE2

  • Run all tests in a suite with baseline comparisons against master baselines

./create_test SUITE1 -c -b master

  1. Run a CESM test suite(s): ./create_test –xml-category XML_CATEGORY [–xml-machine XML_MACHINE] [–xml-compiler XML_COMPILER] [ –xml-testlist XML_TESTLIST]

If this tool is missing any feature that you need, please add an issue on

CIME.scripts.create_test.create_test(test_names, test_data, compiler, machine_name, no_run, no_build, no_setup, no_batch, test_root, baseline_root, clean, baseline_cmp_name, baseline_gen_name, namelists_only, project, test_id, parallel_jobs, walltime, single_submit, proc_pool, use_existing, save_timing, queue, allow_baseline_overwrite, output_root, wait, force_procs, force_threads, mpilib, input_dir, pesfile, run_count, mail_user, mail_type, check_throughput, check_memory, ignore_namelists, ignore_memleak, allow_pnl, non_local, single_exe, workflow, chksum, force_rebuild)[source]
CIME.scripts.create_test.get_default_setting(config, varname, default_if_not_found, check_main=False)[source]
CIME.scripts.create_test.parse_command_line(args, description)[source]
CIME.scripts.create_test.single_submit_impl(machine_name, test_id, proc_pool, _, args, job_cost_map, wall_time, test_root)[source]

CIME.scripts.query_config module

Displays information about available compsets, component settings, grids and/or machines. Typically run with one of the arguments –compsets, –settings, –grids or –machines; if you specify more than one of these arguments, information will be listed for each.

class CIME.scripts.query_config.ArgumentParser(prog=None, usage=None, description=None, epilog=None, parents=[], formatter_class=<class 'argparse.HelpFormatter'>, prefix_chars='-', fromfile_prefix_chars=None, argument_default=None, conflict_handler='error', add_help=True, allow_abbrev=True, exit_on_error=True)[source]

Bases: ArgumentParser

we override the error message from ArgumentParser to have a more helpful message in the case of missing arguments

error(message: string)[source]

Prints a usage message incorporating the message to stderr and exits.

If you override this in a subclass, it should not return – it should either exit or raise an exception.

class CIME.scripts.query_config.Machines(infile=None, files=None, machine=None, extra_machines_dir=None)[source]

Bases: Machines

we overide print_values from Machines to add current in machine description


Determine the valid component classes (e.g. atm) for the driver/cpl These are then stored in comps_array


Determine valid component values by checking the value attributes for COMPSETS_SPEC_FILE

CIME.scripts.query_config.parse_command_line(args, description)[source]

parse command line arguments

CIME.scripts.query_config.print_compset(name, files, all_components=False, xml=False)[source]

print compsets associated with the component name, but if all_components is true only print the details if the associated component is available

CIME.scripts.query_config.query_all_components(files, xml=False)[source]

query all components

CIME.scripts.query_config.query_component(name, files, all_components=False, xml=False)[source]

query a component by name

CIME.scripts.query_config.query_compsets(files, name, xml=False)[source]

query compset definition give a compset name

CIME.scripts.query_config.query_grids(files, long_output, xml=False)[source]

query all grids.

CIME.scripts.query_config.query_machines(files, machine_name='all', xml=False)[source]

query machines. Defaule: all

CIME.scripts.query_testlists module

Script to query xml test lists, displaying all tests in human-readable form.

./query_testlists [–show-options] [–define-testtypes]

Display a list of tests

./query_testlists –count

Count tests by category/machine/compiler

./query_testlists –list {category,categories,machine,machines,compiler,compilers}

List the available options for –xml-category, –xml-machine, or –xml-compiler

All of the above support the various –xml-* arguments for subsetting which tests are included.

test_data (dict): dictionary of test data, containing at least these keys:
  • name: full test name

  • category: test category

  • machine

  • compiler

CIME.scripts.query_testlists.list_test_data(test_data, list_type)[source]

List categories, machines or compilers

test_data (dict): dictionary of test data, containing at least these keys:
  • category

  • machine

  • compiler

list_type (str): one of ‘category’, ‘machine’ or ‘compiler’

CIME.scripts.query_testlists.parse_command_line(args, description)[source]
CIME.scripts.query_testlists.print_test_data(test_data, show_options, define_testtypes)[source]
test_data (dict): dictionary of test data, containing at least these keys:
  • name: full test name

  • category: test category

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